Tuesday, October 25, 2011

黄隽斌、Vincent 陈启龙一起畅谈Getha与Getah的渊源




2011年10月29日(星期六)晚上11时30分的企动人生,创业推手黄隽斌邀请威丰工业 Vincent 陈启龙一起畅谈Getha与Getah的渊源,敬请锁定Astro AEC 301频道。


sudesh said...

I am not a chinese. Can you please have your program with either English or Bahasa Malaysia subtitles ? It's really interesting and very informative but I have to ask my chinese friend to translate it for me.Sudesh

sudesh said...

I want to add another thing, this program is not only informative but when someone watches this program will be inspired by their attitude and mentality towards their own profession. They will also feel themselves as a human being. Next time when they will know how to face to the situation when things get difficult for them.Many things have help me but with the subtitles im sure it will help for non chinese in their business and jobs.

黄隽斌 WANG CHUN PIN said...

Hi Sudesh, just noticed that my earlier reply disappeared from the page. Hope you will see this one and sorry for the late reply. This season we have only Chinese subtitle. We will definitely look into your suggestion and hopefully in the coming season we can put up the English subtitle. Thank you for comment and support.